Monday, April 4, 2011

Excalibur Mod v1.2

When testing, improving and integrating the modifications on the Monte liked most coincided with a call to me, namely:
Android Mod 1.3 by 021995 & New Mod by 021995

Here are the changes that have taken place after the merger of these two modes and self-editing performed by me:
- Changed the composition of the patches in the file RC2 (currently 27)
- Removed unnecessary multimedia file FactoryFS (wallpapers, games, most of the sounds, text file)
- In the menu of New Mod changed the order of icons and removed a bug
- Changed the composition and widet icons that appear when you reboot Monte on the main display
- Removed the redundant or non-widgets (including editing the file Deskconfig.xml)
- Fixed a bug related to the wallpaper in the Android Mod (it was one too many)
- Improved strength, accuracy of the GPS signal and the speed at which the phone grabs fixa
- Dead Communicator icon in the menu, I changed the shortcut to Opera Mini
- I changed the RAM that the phone is spent on games from 10 to 20MB
- I changed the theme on the red phone
- Changed sounds ON / OFF for those familiar with Windows XP

The changes coming in version 1.1:
- Changed icon possible to add the main desktop
- Fixed bugs related to the radio and the main notes on the desktop (had not redirect to the application)
- I added 4 new widgets

The changes coming in version 1.2:
- Add a Net shortcut icon and tools to the main desktop

The scale of the changes was so large that the resulting effect I decided to call it "Excalibur Mod". I do not know whether you will fall to the taste but the score on my phone for a long time.
FactoryFS file is not necessary for the proper functioning of fashion, simply removes the original uploaded wallpapers, sounds, etc.

1. Changing the firmware on MFJF1 with the difference that we use my file FactoryFS.
2. Upload files RC2 and Apps_patch Multiloader v5.56.
3. We connect the phone with TKFileExplorere and to throw a file folder nv_original.ini Registry.
4. We do a Master Reset the phone.
5. Put Res folder from the package to your phone.
6. We combine phone and TKFileExplorerem:
6.1. Files PowerOnOff.ini LbsConfig.ini and thrown into the folder, Registry;
6.2. Files PowerOff2 PowerOn2 and thrown into the Media-> Sounds;
6.3. File jwc_properties.ini thrown into the Java-> Exe
7. Restart the phone.
8. Install Opera Mini from the bundle.
9. We connect the phone with TKFileExplorere and to throw a file folder KJxDispatch.ini Registry.
10. Restart the phone.

A description of some activities as skipping tutorials for them are already on board.

1. Excalibur Mod

Code: [Select]
2. File FactoryFS

Code: [Select]
That is all, I hope you like it modified.
If you have any problems please post in this thread  :) 
Xanten  ;D 

I hope it's English. I use google translate :)


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